Timballo Pan, Timballo Bowl, Timpano Pan, Timpano Bowl

What’s in a name?

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Some call it Timpano, others call it Timballo. Some use a bowl, others use a pan. Whether you call it a Timpano pan, a Timballo pan, a Timpano bowl, or a Timballo bowl, we can all agree that these enamelware basins are the perfect vessel for our favorite Italian dish.

Available in a variety of sizes, we use an 8-quart basin when making Timpano because we like to share and have leftovers. But if you prefer a smaller Timpano, a 4-quart or 5-quart basin is a perfect choice.

And when it comes to color, you have so many choices. We started with a classic blue-rimmed white bowl but have added to our collection over the years. We use these bowls throughout the year for making cakes, breads and cookies. It’s our favorite serving dish for family-style dinners. And the smaller bowls are great for centerpieces. Fill one with lemons, limes and oranges for your kitchen island. Fill another one with washcloths and organic soaps for a fun display in your guest bathroom. Use another one to create an herb garden or feature succulents for a festive outdoor table setting.


Here are a few of our favorite bowls:



And while tend to favor a round Timpano, there are no rules. A square- or rectangular-shaped Timpano is just as yummy. If you prefer going square, here are some alternative baking dish options:

Loaf Pan