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Worth the Read: Big Night

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In what Amazon calls “a wonderful companion to the movie,” each chapter of this book, Big Night: A Novel, includes a recipe of one of the dishes that appears in the movie.

Co-writer of the Big Night, Joseph Tropiano created a companion novel to the movie. The book is narrated by the two brothers, Primo (played by Tony Shalhoub) and Secondo (played by Stanley Tucci), who are the main characters of the movie.

Unfortunately, the book does not contain a recipe for Timpano – even though it is the feature dish of the night’s feast. In the movie, we hungrily watch as the brothers handmake and roll out the pasta, lovingly create the ragu and carefully combine everything together in a beautiful pastry enclosed masterpiece. There’s no way you can watch this movie and not get hungry. Same thing happens when you read the book. So, lucky for you, you can try our Timpano recipe.

After you finish reading the Big Night book, be sure to check out the movie, Big Night.

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More about the book: Big Night: A Novel is a 224-page paperback published in 1996 by St. Martin’s Griffin.