A Timpano Tradition Is Born

After living in Chicago for years, with our holidays filled with family, friends and food, we found ourselves transferred to Houston. Then, Christmas approached. How were we going to celebrate being so many miles away from our family, friends and traditions?

After watching the movie Big Night, our Timpano tradition was born.
After watching Big Night, our Timpano tradition was born.

And then … the weekend before Christmas, we watched the movie Big Night where they created a Timpano (also called a timballo) as part of an Italian feast. It looked delicious – an Italian baked dish filled with pasta, meatballs, Italian sausage, mozzarella and so much more.

We had to try it. We decided to create our own for Christmas dinner.

It was delicious. And with that … a new holiday tradition was born.

Now we make Timpano every Christmas, as well as for many other holidays and special occasions. Sometimes we make it just for ourselves and enjoy a week’s worth of leftovers. Other times we share it with a large group of family and friends. And whenever we do, they always plead for our Timpano recipe.

Remembering back to how we searched and searched the internet and cookbooks to find a Timpano recipe ourselves, we decided to create this website dedicated to one of our favorite things. We hope you enjoy our Timpano recipe and it inspires you make your own.

Enjoy … Timpano Heather

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