Silicone Cooking Mesh

Make the Perfect Soft-boiled Eggs With a Silicone Cooking Mesh

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This Lekue Silicone Cooking Mesh is a great tool for making soft-boiled eggs for Timpano.
This Lekue Silicone Cooking Mesh is a great tool for making soft-boiled eggs.

Making perfect soft-boiled eggs for our Timpano recipe became so much easier when we discovered a silicone cooking mesh net.

Just fill the cooking mesh net with your eggs, pull the drawstring, and place it in the boiling water – it’s that simple. Then, when it’s time to transfer the eggs to cold water, all you need to do is lift the silicone cooking mesh net out of the boiling water and move all the eggs together.

Using a net ensures all of your eggs transfer at the same time, creating a more uniform texture in your soft-boiled eggs. And while you may still have an egg crack during the boiling process, we noticed a significant decrease in cracked eggs once we started using the mesh net (let alone how many eggs we used to lose in the transfer from boiling water to the ice water when using a large spoon).

We also love this silicone cooking mesh net for its versatility. Whether you are cooking in water or just blanching, the net allows to you to control the cook time easily.

While we bought our silicone cooking mesh net to help us make our Timpano, we now use it all the time. It’s great for steaming vegetables and boiling shellfish to name just a few.

And the cooking mesh net is dishwasher-safe, making clean up easy.

While there are different varieties available at your local kitchen supply store, we prefer the Lekue Cooking Mesh.